Since 1973 the workshop deals with the restoration of antique wooden furnishings and specializes in the processing of precious materials such as ivory, mother-of-pearl, tortoise-shell and high-value woods, with a particular focus on Piedmontese furniture: indeed, in the workshop have been restored works made by Pietro Piffetti, Luigi Prinotto, Gabriele Capello, Luigi Ravelli and Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo, but also pieces of furniture of French, German, Venetian, Roman and Lombard cabinet-making.

Although we have worked on public or historical-artistic works, our target comes exclusively from the private sector: not only antiquarians, art dealers, collectors, architects and interior designers, but also passionate people, as we put our experience at the service of all, beyond the commercial value of the piece of furniture that the customer intends to restore.

We offer tailor-made solutions based on customer needs and requests, with maximum flexibility.

Inlay with ivory, mother-of-pearl and high-value woods.

Figures engraved into the ivory with a burin.

Intarsia with wooden veneers.

Boulle marquetry with tortoise-shell and brass.

Sculptures and microsculptures in wood and ivory.

French polishing according to traditional recipes.
Brush varnishing according to recipes referred in the XVII e XVIII centuries manuals.
Waxing after shellac varnishing and encaustic finishes.

Gouache or mordant gilding.
Meccatura (i.e. gilding with silver leaf treated appropriately to imitate gold) according to the procedure of Jean-Félix Watin.

Tempera lacquering (japanning) and polychrome coatings in general.

Vernis Martin.
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